Independent Hotel, Ashland OR

SBA 7a


Baymont, Yreka CA

SBA 7a

25 Year Term

Self Storage Facility, Forney TX

SBA 7a

10% down

Car Wash, Bear Creek CA

SBA 7a


Comfort Inn & Suites, FL



Hard Money Cash-out, CA

Closed in 5 days


Motel 6, AR


Quality Inn, Indianapolis IN


SBA 7a

Apartment Complex


Hard Money$9,500,000

76 Gas Station

Ground-up Construction

SBA 7a$3,000,000

Independent Hotel, AZ

Rural Area

SBA 7a

Comfort Inn & Suites



Motel 6, San Angelo TX


SBA 7a

Country Inn & Suites



Baymont Convert to Super 8, SC


SBA 7a

Industrial Purchase

SBA 7a


Motel 6, Medina OH

SBA 7a


Valero, CA

Cal Cap Program


Country Inn & Suites, Byram MS

Conversion - No Cash Down

SBA 7a

Cross-collateral for downpayment

Motel, Spokane WA

Closed in under 30 days SBA15% down

Non-Profit Purchase


Clarion Inn & Suites Craig, Co

$3,060,000 85% LTV

Quality Inn & Suites Liberty Lake, WA


Motel 6, NV

Cap Ex Program

PIP Loan

Holiday Inn Express Lacey, WA

$9,250,000 85% Loan to Value, 4.75% Fixed

Dickeys Franchise Start-up

No ownership experience

SBA 7a

Veterinarian Hospital Long Beach, CA

90% Loan to Value, 4.85% Fixed for 25 years

Shell Gas Station Los Angeles, CA

$3,250,000 90% Loan to Value

Quality Inn Nebraska


Holiday Inn Express

SBA 7a

85% LTV$3,700,000

Retail Center Northridge, CA

$2,690,000 4.50% Fixed

Dentist Office-Construction Loan Simi Valley, CA

$1,200,000 85% Loan to Value, 3.75% Fixed

Travel Agency, CA


America's Best Inn Lakeland, FL

$1,010,000 85% LTV

Saddlepeak Lodge

Malibu, CA

Owner Occupied OfficeLos Angeles, CA

$1,000,000 3.67% Fixed

Restaurant FranchiseSan Roman, CA

$650,000 85% LTV

Ramada Inn & Suites, Kent, WA

$8,100,000 80% Loan to Value

Great West InnPhoenix, AZ


Industrial Purchase


Independent Motel, NV

$1,500,000 First time buyer WSJP +1.25%

San Juan Motel

$1,700,000 SBA 7a

Indio HotelOwner-User

$3,000,000 4.5% Fixed for 7 years

Commercial Purchase

Conventional 10 Years Fixed

Copper Queen HotelBisbee, AZ


Independent Motel, Morris MN

SBA 7a


Clair Inn, Marysville MI


First time Buyer

Motel 6, NV


85% LTV

American Heritage Inn, Portland MI

Refinance seller Note

Thrift Store Purchase

$3,250,000 97% Loan to Value

VP Fuels brand Gas Station

SBA 7a

Seller Refinance

Motel 6, AZ

SBA 7a


Garden Inn & Suites Union City, GA

$1,315,000 85% LTV



Hotel Frederica Little Rock, AR

SBA 7a $4,600,000