Independent Hotel, South Carolina

Hard Money Refinance

SBA 7a

Franchise Hotel conversion to Independent, TX

SBA 7a


Subway Restaurant, IN

Business Only

SBA 7a

15% down

Tow Yard, South Gate CA

SBA 7a


Medical Plaza, Brea CA

SBA 7a

10% down

Independent Motel, Bryson City NC

SBA 7a

Refinance of Private Note

Independent Hotel, Ashland OR

SBA 7a


Baymont, Yreka CA

SBA 7a

25 Year Term

Self Storage Facility, Forney TX

SBA 7a

10% down

Car Wash, Bear Creek CA

SBA 7a


Comfort Inn & Suites, FL



Hard Money Cash-out, CA

Closed in 5 days


Motel 6, AR


Quality Inn, Indianapolis IN


SBA 7a

Apartment Complex


Hard Money$9,500,000

76 Gas Station

Ground-up Construction

SBA 7a$3,000,000

Independent Hotel, AZ

Rural Area

SBA 7a

Comfort Inn & Suites



Motel 6, San Angelo TX


SBA 7a

Country Inn & Suites



Baymont Convert to Super 8, SC


SBA 7a

Industrial Purchase

SBA 7a


Motel 6, Medina OH

SBA 7a


Valero, CA

Cal Cap Program


Country Inn & Suites, Byram MS

Conversion - No Cash Down

SBA 7a

Cross-collateral for downpayment

Motel, Spokane WA

Closed in under 30 days SBA15% down

Non-Profit Purchase


Clarion Inn & Suites Craig, Co

$3,060,000 85% LTV

Quality Inn & Suites Liberty Lake, WA


Motel 6, NV

Cap Ex Program

PIP Loan

Holiday Inn Express Lacey, WA

$9,250,000 85% Loan to Value, 4.75% Fixed

Dickeys Franchise Start-up

No ownership experience

SBA 7a

Veterinarian Hospital Long Beach, CA

90% Loan to Value, 4.85% Fixed for 25 years

Shell Gas Station Los Angeles, CA

$3,250,000 90% Loan to Value

Quality Inn Nebraska


Holiday Inn Express

SBA 7a

85% LTV$3,700,000

Retail Center Northridge, CA

$2,690,000 4.50% Fixed

Dentist Office-Construction Loan Simi Valley, CA

$1,200,000 85% Loan to Value, 3.75% Fixed

Conversion to Motel 6, Bullhead City AZ

SBA 7a


America's Best Inn Lakeland, FL

$1,010,000 85% LTV

Saddlepeak Lodge

Malibu, CA

Owner Occupied OfficeLos Angeles, CA

$1,000,000 3.67% Fixed

Restaurant FranchiseSan Roman, CA

$650,000 85% LTV

Ramada Inn & Suites, Kent, WA

$8,100,000 80% Loan to Value

Great West InnPhoenix, AZ


Industrial Purchase


Independent Motel, NV

$1,500,000 First time buyer WSJP +1.25%

San Juan Motel

$1,700,000 SBA 7a

Indio HotelOwner-User

$3,000,000 4.5% Fixed for 7 years

Commercial Purchase

Conventional 10 Years Fixed

Copper Queen HotelBisbee, AZ


Travel Agency, CA


Clair Inn, Marysville MI


First time Buyer

Motel 6, NV


85% LTV

Independent Motel, Morris MN

SBA 7a


Thrift Store Purchase

$3,250,000 97% Loan to Value

VP Fuels brand Gas Station

SBA 7a

Seller Refinance

Motel 6, AZ

SBA 7a


Garden Inn & Suites Union City, GA

$1,315,000 85% LTV



American Heritage Inn, Portland MI

Refinance seller Note

Hotel Frederica Little Rock, AR

SBA 7a $4,600,000