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Your Guide to Lending and Financing Terminology, Part 2

It’s important to secure the best type of financing to suit your business goals—but that’s impossible to do if you don’t understand the language of the industry.
We’re here to break down some of the industry-specific terms, so you don’t have to decipher the lending jargon and can focus on what really matters: the […]

Looking to the Future of Commercial Lending

You are on the cusp of something big—but a lack of money is slowing your momentum. Now is the best time to secure commercial funding.
What’s encouraging a positive lending outlook?

The robust U.S. economy

A low unemployment rate (about 4%)

Rising interest rates granting better deals to banks, which approve loans at a higher rate

Additionally, […]

Your quick guide to SBA financing for preschools

Kids are counting on you—and there’s never been a better time to invest in the future. In 2016, there were approximately 8.76 million children enrolled in pre-primary schools in the U.S. And with the growing trend of two parents working full time, the need for child care and preschools is increasing at an incredible […]

5 Startups Disrupting the Lending Industry

A new generation of technology, financial roadblocks and discomfort with big banks are changing the ways that Americans approach their finances. Small business owners now have the ability to get flexible, appropriately-sized loans approved in a matter of minutes. There are more opportunities than ever before to get the funding you need when you […]

3 Crucial Ways That SBA Loans Differ From Conventional Loans

Small businesses that want to receive funding have many loan options available to them. Two of the most common loan options are conventional and SBA loans. These two loans are similar, but their key differences could offer more reassurance and confidence that one loan is more suitable for your business endeavors.

Conventional and SBA loans […]

Many Clients, One Goal: A Streamlined Commercial Finance Process

The commercial financing landscape is notorious for being complex to navigate, especially for small businesses. And we know, because we live and breathe it every day—and help our customers navigate it with ease.

When we started Cornerstone Capital Lending, our goal was to make small business loans more accessible to business owners across the nation […]

Finance and Funding Tips From Famous Entrepreneurs

Every day, new advice for entrepreneurs pops up online. And invariably, much of that content focuses on one of the biggest challenges to growing a sustainable business: funding, funding, funding. So what advice should you believe, and what should you take with a big grain of salt?

In reality, the secrets to financial success […]

Your Guide to Lending and Financing Terminology, Part I

You’ve got a business to run. Even though you need funding, trying to secure the capital you need isn’t the only task on your plate. And it doesn’t help that the process can be downright confusing. The lending and financing industry is filled with lingo that can leave you scratching your head and wondering […]

5 Simple Steps To Getting Your Small Business Loan

Launching a business is exciting. But it often comes with a lot of stress, much of which can be at least partially avoided with the right preparation.

There are currently about 28.8 million small businesses operating in the U.S. And while that (and their 56.8 million employees) might seem like a large number, the fact […]

How Small Businesses Fuel the Economy

The American Dream has long fueled the passions of many across this great nation. The idea of the bootstrapping business owner working late nights and weekends while holding down a day job, or going all in on his growing business, is inspiring to say the least. It might even pull out a little entrepreneur […]