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What you need to know about the new tax plan and your small business

The new tax code has been on the minds of business owners and individuals alike over the last several months, ever since President Donald Trump announced the tax reform plan in 2017. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of opinions, speculations and questions about what these changes would mean for American businesses. Read more to see where you fit into all of this.

An Interview with Commercial Loan Expert Girish Bajaj

Girish Bajaj is an expert at financing from the ground up. We sat down recently to talk banking, commercial loan misconceptions and the value of SBA loans. Read more to learn from him.

How assisted living facilities are fueling the economy and small business aspirations

In the still-recovering economy, assisted living facilities are faring better than many industries because of the great value they provide. As more parents and grandparents age, and they and their children recognize the importance of quality care and long-term housing, assisted living facilities are poised to move upward. Read more to find your place in this industry.

How to Launch or Grow Your Auto Repair Business

Business owners and entrepreneurs looking to grow a new or existing business often turn to time-tested strategies. Here's a brief look at popular growth strategies. Click to read more.