At Cornerstone Lending, we offer auto body repair loans to customers all across America. If you’re interested in acquiring or re-financing an auto body repair business, you’ll find that we offer a wide array of loan types. In fact, we provide one of the largest varieties of auto body repair loan services in the United States of America.

Access Practical Financing Options

We offer two main categories of financing, which are non-conforming and conforming loans. Whether you wish to acquire or re-finance, you’ll find that our loan options may be tailored in order to meet your particular business requirements. In addition, we offer an array of financing choices, such as full, limited and stated income loans.

Loan requirements for these types of financing are sensible and they are designed to serve the needs of small, mid-sized and large auto body repair shop owners. In addition, we employ a team of skilled loan specialists who review applications quickly and provide fast answers about whether or not loans are approved.

Choose a Preferable Loan Term

If your loan application is approved, you’ll access a long-term loan with a very reasonable rate of interest. Pay your loan back quickly if you wish to or pay it back slowly if that’s a better fit for your business. Another option is applying for an “eighty percent financing” loan. Our company offers all of the most practical forms of auto body repair loans, for affordable rates.

Loan Requirements to Consider

In order to apply for any auto body repair loan via our company, you’ll need some information about your property. For example, you should know that an existing or prospective property must be free of subterranean storage and/or holding tanks. In addition, a Phase One environmental report will need to be completed and submitted to us. If you need more facts about our loan requirements, our representatives are standing by in order to provide you with a wealth of information.

How Much Can You Borrow?

We offer up to half a million dollars in financing to auto repair center owners and loan terms vary widely, from three years to three decades. Since loan amounts and terms vary so much, we are able to help entrepreneurs enjoy flexible financing options which help them to achieve their business goals.

Loan services from our company are available in all American States, plus Puerto Rico, Gaum and the U.S. Virgin Islands.