Growing a small business takes time. And, like a garden or a child, it takes quite a bit of nurturing to help it achieve its fullest potential. Whether you’re in the earliest stages of launching your goals or looking for ways to sustain your growth, there are a few vital elements you must keep at the forefront of your business and of your mind.

Tap these 5 tips to set your small business up for success today and into the future.

Stay on top of technology

Technology has created explosive growth in the business world, making it easier than ever to help clients achieve their bottom lines—and business owners achieve theirs too. With emerging technologies like AI, machine learning and blockchain on the horizon, the future that used to be the stuff of science fiction is becoming possible. And while staying on the cutting edge can give you a powerful boost, technology doesn’t always have to be the latest and greatest. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make for a streamlined, efficient business, like cataloging information in a note-taking app, or sharing files via the cloud. Rather than shying away from the future, embrace it and learn to use it to your business’ advantage.

Set micro-goals

You know where you want to go. That’s why you started your business. But sometimes the long term can be overwhelming and leave you unsure of the immediate next step. Creating micro-goals will enable you to and act on the big picture, in bite-sized pieces that enable you to achieve victories every day.

Show appreciation to your team

Business can be hectic, and between trying to maintain productivity, margins and quality, it can be easy to let your team’s morale slip by unnoticed. But your employees are the backbone of your company, without which your one-man show won’t go far. Show your staff that you appreciate them daily, and you’ll start to see higher engagement and greater happiness. And according to Gallup, companies with engaged workforces outperform their competitors by 147%.

Secure the right funding

You first launched your business because you believed in what you were doing. One of the best ways to ensure that your business continues long into the future is to secure the right funding to keep it moving forward. The 2015/2016 Global Entrepreneur Report revealed that one of the top reasons small businesses crumble is lack of profitability or funding. Having the right funding in place can help you expand operations, improve upon your technology and process and keep you moving through the slow times.

Get the right people in your court

Business isn’t a solo endeavor. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a network to fuel a business. From targeting the right customers and developing a stellar team to networking with trusted investors and lenders, your business is only as good as the people behind it. As you build up your business, focus on strengthening your network to keep your net worth going up.

Getting a business off the ground and keeping it in the market can be a challenge. But it’s the best kind of challenge when you see the rollover effects of how you’re affecting your team, your customers and your world.

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