A new generation of technology, financial roadblocks and discomfort with big banks are changing the ways that Americans approach their finances. Small business owners now have the ability to get flexible, appropriately-sized loans approved in a matter of minutes. There are more opportunities than ever before to get the funding you need when you need it.

Let’s meet these alternative options that are shaking up the way that Americans fund, finance and refinance their lives.

Up to 46% of Americans have reported that they cannot build their credit scores on comfortable terms through traditional banks. Upstart understands the struggle that these Americans face and believes there is a better way to determine someone’s ability to pay off finances. That’s why Upstart doesn’t base their lending decisions solely on credit scores. Factors like education and past job experience are used to predict whether or not the loan will be paid back.

Small businesses have many opportunities to apply for funding, but the process of finding the right lenders and the right loan structure can take time. The U.S. Small Business Administration alone offers over 10 different SBA loans, all with different options for repayment. Fundera takes the process of identifying the appropriate loan on for themselves. They ask clients to answer quick questions about their business goals and current standing then provides the best funding options for the specified business to ensure short-term and long-term success.

Microlending has become a helpful source of funding for entrepreneurs both in the United States and in developing nations. While the process of administering loans as low as $500 to businesses is still relatively new itself, Tala is already starting to push “traditional” microlenders aside. The startup uses 10,000 points of data from an applicant’s smartphone to approve loans, including the games played on the mobile device connected to the applicant. So far, these data points are working—Tala boosts a repayment rate of over 90%.

GreenSky originally started out as a startup that offered loans for home improvement projects, but it has quickly expanded to offer options for small businesses. Veterinary clinics, dental offices and other healthcare businesses can now use this program to take out loans worth up to $65,000. These loans are federally funded and GreenSky does not have to take on defaulted loans. GreenSky also approves loans that charge zero interest for up to 60 months, giving homeowners the ability to pay off the loan without paying a dime in interest.

If you know that someone is able to pay back a loan, you can recommend them to LendFriend. LendFriend’s mission is to help underserved areas receive the funding they need to grow. The startup blends the world of microlending and crowdfunding together to provide funding options for more people throughout the country. It is certainly one to watch in the upcoming months.

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